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Welcome to the website of Bio Web Design, the company behind various online travel guides of popular cities in Spain (Barcelona, Seville and Granada) and Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan), but also destinations like Dubai and Edinburgh. All these Bio Web Design websites are fully maintained by one person only. A short introduction from myself:

My name is Jarco Smeenk, a biology teacher with a huge passion for travel and developing websites. Initially I focused on the development of educational biology websites, which can now be linked to the name "Bio Web Design". Then I started writing about my favorite city Barcelona. By organizing several group trips I have been able to experience the beautiful city of Barcelona in all its facets. This was my first online travel guide, a frequently visited website (2019: 35,000 visitors / month), partly because of the clear information for visiting the tourist attractions. The travel virus was activated and the number of online travel guides grew slowly with websites such as (summer 2021: 240,000 pageviews / month) and (summer 2021: 85,000 pageviews / month). After this I was able to follow my dream: making the passion of traveling my part-time job. With the help of translators, copywriters and ticket partners, my portfolio of travel websites has expanded considerably. Each time with the aim to convey my love for the city and to guide visitors around the city and its many tourist attractions.


Bio Web Design is always interested in new collaborations. Of course, the substantive quality of my online travel guides is always paramount, so every form of advertising, link exchange, guest articles, etc. will be custom made. You can also approach Bio Web Design for press trips to the destinations of our travel websites. Bio Web Design is only active on social media to a limited extent. To collaborate with one of the online travel guides below, please contact

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